Hul leadership

But, the core of the HUL philosophy is in developing leaders.

Hul leadership

Jul 03, What is your definition of leadership? The role of leadership is to manage reputation and unleash the energy in people. The first bit comes out of ensuring that you create a certain number of non-negotiables in an organisation.

It is all right for you to tell people what to do but it is also important that they should know what not to do. Do you have a culture in an organisation where people have a sense of moral compass?

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The role of leadership is to make sure that people know that a moral compass exists. Second bit that comes out of building reputation is around performance. Good leaders are able to combine great performance with good values.

Also, growth is really important for anyone. But you need to make sure that the old model of growth was around the 3G model: The new model of growth is a 4G model—it is growth that is responsible.

What would be your word of advice to the young leaders and entrepreneurs? It is a great thing that entrepreneurship is now becoming the new career for a lot of people.

When you are driving fast, it is important to have some guard rails—it is all about having the values, moral compass, having a sense of purpose and a vision. Just make sure you create the same degree of energy but also create some nonnegotiables.

HUL is known as a leadership factory. What has been the secret sauce? Globally connected and locally rooted is our formula for talent development. It is not just about growing our business, it is about growing our people.

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We give them early experiences in leadership. We have a constant learning programme where we develop our people and, most importantly, I really do believe there is an HUL way of doing things; this idea of always remaining relevant and yet rooted.Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is a consumer goods company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

It is an whole & sole Indian Company which has Been merged with foreign company. It is an whole & sole Indian Company which has Been merged with foreign company.

Hul leadership

Training the sales team is an ongoing challenge for the L&D team in HUL. While most of the Territory Sales Officers (TSOs) have considerable theoretical knowledge of their job, they often find it difficult to apply that knowledge in the actual work scenario.

10 managers eying future leadership at HUL. ET Bureau; Kala VijayaRaghavan & Sagar Malviya ET lists some of the brightest talent eying future leadership at India’s largest FMCG firm that has of late been facing increasing challenge in keeping its flock together.

HUL is the perfect example of how to align the strategy of the firm with the HR policies and reinforce this alignment through organization wide culture and values. Such an effective talent acquisition strategy helps in building the “brand equity” of HUL A core responsibility for everyone in the company is to contribute in “building.

Hul leadership

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Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is an Indian consumer goods company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a subsidiary of Unilever, a British-Dutch company. [3] HUL's products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents, personal care products and water purifiers. For Leena Nair, 40, Executive Director, HR, Hindustan Unilever, the transition last year to the consumer goods major's new office at Andheri in Mumbai has been exciting. How do you hone the leadership potential of young talent that you bring in? HUL recruits management graduates from Top B-schools of the country, like IIMs, FMS Delhi, XLRI,ISB, JBIMS etc every year, in the realm of Marketing, Finance, HR and IT.
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